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Whether it is help with dog behaviour, dog training, puppy training, dog rescue, assistance dog, or canine obedience, if you are looking for harmony in your home, boarding kennels, success in competition or training dogs for specific roles I can help you achieve this.

I can help with dog biting, dog aggression, chewing furniture, jumping up, canine aggression, separation anxiety, bicycle chasers, dog barking, and tail chasing.

I can help you to quickly and easily identify the cause of any undesirable behaviour and with the simplest of changes to your everyday home-life or kennel – life with your dog to permanently and kindly correct the problem.

We all know that our dogs try to understand us and they do all that they possibly can to please us and this relationship means that most people are able to create a special and loving bond with their dog.

I can help you take this bond to a higher level where you not only understand why your dog does all that it does but can see the world through the eyes of your dog and then successfully communicate in a way that you both understand. This then removes the confusion, frustration and anxiety that can exist between both you and your dog.


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